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When you buy a new car, it's important to make sure you have auto insurance to protect your investment. Car insurance works just about the same for all personal cars. But there are a few things you need to check before you drive off the lot. When Do You Need To Add Your New Car To Your Car Insurance Policy? READ MORE >>

Your general liability insurance premiums are determined by multiple factors — some of which are under your control, and some of which you really have no say over. Insurance companies keep much of the math a secret, and each insurer has their own way of calculating the risk that they are covering. READ MORE >>

Filing your home insurance claim can be as simple as picking up the phone and making a call, but there are several steps that you will want to take before doing that. Here's a quick checklist of what you'll want to do before you file your claim: Call the police, if necessary, and then your insurer. READ MORE >>

Buying the right auto insurance means purchasing a policy to adequately cover you if you suffer losses. To determine how much coverage you need, you must determine the amount of risk present. Your DJW Insurance agent can provide insight to you about those risks. But you can also calculate some facts on your own. READ MORE >>

According to a recent poll by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, only 37 percent of Americans believe the reform law is a good idea; 49 percent say it's a bad idea. NBC says that's the highest disapproval rate since NBC and the Wall Street Journal began polling on the reform law in 2009. READ MORE >>

Most Capitol Hill staffers and lawmakers are looking at the possibility of increased health insurance costs next year. That's because of a provision in the reform law that says they are only eligible for coverage through the exchange. READ MORE >>

It is already common knowledge that your credit score is an important consideration when applying for a mortgage, car loan, or credit card and that you can be charged a higher rate of interest or denied completely if your score is below par. READ MORE >>

If you own a business, small or large, now is the time to research the potential impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as the Healthcare Reform Law.  Although the employer mandate provisions do not take effect until January 1, 2014, businesses need to ... READ MORE >>

Holidays and special events often include celebrations that bring together families and friends in private homes across the country. Food, fun, talk and spirits flow generously and, unfortunately, so do injuries and accidents. READ MORE >>

A longtime, extremely popular summer rite is to enjoy setting off fireworks. However, it’s important to think before striking a match or using a lighter on your first firecracker, sparkler, smoke-bomb or bottle rocket. For all their fun, fireworks are capable of causing serious injuries to people and substantial damage to property. READ MORE >>

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